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Upper Echelon B+Healthy!

Upper Echelon Clothing believes community health awareness is significant in promoting healthy living in the inner city. That is why the Upper Echelon Team decided to partner with B+Healthy to ensure this very fact. We want to aid the Rochester community in making better food choices for a healthy and long life.

About B+Healthy Fresh Food Market

B+Healthy Fresh Food Market is a community health business association in Rochester, New York. B+Healthy aims to improve the lives of the people, by providing them with the freshest and healthiest food options. B+Healthy also support local businesses and farmers. B+Healthy is completely vegan friendly and aims to eliminate food deserts and global hunger.

Join Our Team

In efforts to support our community, Upper Echelon Clothing LLC accepts all donations for all participated events and partnerships. If you would like to donate, just simply email us at

#upperechelonROC #EchelonGiveback

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