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The B.O.O.K.B.A.G. Express with Echelon Finesse

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Upper Echelon Clothing make it our duty to find ways and give back toward The B.O.O.K.B.A.G. Express to ensure students in Rochester New York, have the necessities when going back to school.

About The B.O.O.K.B.A.G. Express

Back to school shopping season can be a financially straining time for families in the Greater Rochester region. The National Retail Federation estimates that families plan to spend about $685 for each child from elementary through high school this year.

There is help for students and families who need it. Many area agencies are helping with free school supplies during their backpack drives, The Book Bag Express Giveaway, produced by Anthony Hall Jr., the event aims to provide underserved families with school supplies in a festive atmosphere with food and music.

Join Our Team

In efforts to support our community, Upper Echelon Clothing LLC accepts all donations for all participated events and partnerships. If you would like to donate, just simply email us at

#upperechelonROC #EchelonGiveback

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